“I learned to count 4 bars of music, 
before learning to count to 10.”

A semi-retired rapper and shoe connoisseur, I was born with a passion for the arts, a knack for catchy creative, and an entrepreneurial spirit that was engrained through my family from a very young age.  By the age of 4, I was performing songs from the Sound of Music at family parties.  I learned to count 4 bars of music, before learning to count to 10.

By the age of 12, I worked the cash register at the front of my parent’s Red Rooster, and was paid with unlimited slushes, bags of chips and chocolate bars.  My father, a retired Philippine Consul General of Alberta, ran his office out of the back of our store.  I learned very quickly that owning your own business gave you flexibility, and endless responsibility all at once, and I wanted that.

Since then, my passionate pursuit of anything other than the 9-5 grind has given me the chance to run exciting events and concerts, execute creative marketing and promotional campaigns through an extensive radio advertising career, and develop invaluable business relationships and knowledge within a very diverse range of industries.

Through PlanIt Sound Inc, I get to fuse my hunger and expertise for imaginative creative, music and marketing, and I’ve never worked a day since our launch in 2009.

Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40